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Motorcycle is one of the most important means of transportation in the world, especially in developing countries, because of it’s characteristics of convenience and flexibility, small occupation of road resources and relatively low unit price. China is a large country in motorcycle production and ranks among the top in both quality and output of motorcycles in the world's manufacturing industry. However, at present, China's motorcycles are at the middle and low-end level, with low technological content and weak market competitiveness in the international market. Many key technologies have been monopolized by Japan, Italy and other developed countries. Driven by industrial transformation and upgrading, China's motorcycle industry faces greater opportunities and challenges. On the one hand, the motorcycle product demand is expanding unceasingly, the power of the industry development is strong; on the other hand, people ask for higher standards for industrial upgrading and development. High performance, low cost, comfort and individuation have become the general trend of industrial development. Therefore, developing clean energy, electric motorcycle is the best way to break through industrial upgrading bottleneck, and accelerating technological transformation upgrading is the necessary key point to the great-leap-forward development of our country's motorcycle industry.


At present, laser processing technology has been widely paid attention to and popularized in automobile, aviation machinery and electronics industries, and it has a rising trend in technology application development and economic benefits. With the development of science and technology, laser technology is widely used in motorcycles.Laser processing technology is of great use in the production and manufacture of motorcycles. Main motorcycle manufacturing laser processing technologies are laser surface modification (including phase transformation hardening, laser cladding, alloying), laser drilling, laser cutting, laser welding, laser marking, laser engraving, laser measurement. Today,laser processing technology will have a new growth momentum in motorcycle manufacturing with high efficiency and high precision.


1.Industry elites gather to explore new ideas of laser technology in motorcycle application field and findthe best solution

2.Face-to-face communicationwith domestic motorcycle enterprises and parts manufacturers to discuss hot topics

3.Mainstream media continue to publicize and jointly report, effectively promoting the enterprises brand and enlarging influence of conference.

1.Engineering and technical personnel of motorcycle factory, material technology, product design, quality and procurement engineer

2.All laser industrial enterprises related to Laser precision processing, power batteries, sheet metal manufacturing, sensors and others

3.Suppliers of raw materials such as steel, carbonfiber and composite materials, aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy and plastic for motorcycle production

4.Heads,engineering technicians, graduate students from laser technology and motorcycle research institutions of higher learning and research institutes, etc

5.Leader or expert from government department or trade association

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